What Are Architectural Laminated Shingles?

1 Mar 2022

Introduced in the 1970s, architectural roofing shingles (often called dimensional or laminated shingles) are a premium type of asphalt roofing product that is extremely popular among homeowners who are looking to upgrade the appearance, durability and security of their roofing structure.

Architectural laminated shingles are thicker than the average 3-tab shingle roof, and they are designed to have a richer, more distinctive appearance. 3-tab shingles have flat panels that are of the same shape, length and width, whereas architectural shingles have different shapes and sizes—giving the roof a more dimensional and textured appearance.

Architectural shingles are built with a heavy fiberglass base mat, and they are coated with refined, waterproof asphalt. Multiple layers are laminated together to create a dimensional appearance.

Why should you choose Architectural Laminated Shingles?


Architectural laminated shingles are much heavier than the average 3-tab roofing shingle. This means that they can resist intense weather conditions. 3-tab shingles are vulnerable to strong winds, and in the event of a harsh storm, their panels can be ripped off a roof.

Because of this, architectural laminated shingles tend to last significantly longer than 3-tab shingles.


If you compare an architectural shingle roof with a 3-tab shingle roof, you will likely prefer the appearance of the architectural shingle. Laminated shingles can also mimic the appearance of cedar shake and slate roofs, which gives you more options to customize the look and texture of your roof.

Cost Efficiency

Because architectural laminated shingles are built to last, you will save money on maintenance and repair costs in the long-term. The average 3-tab shingle will likely require a roof replacement every few decades or so, while an architectural shingle roof can last longer if it’s properly maintained. The average 3-tab shingle will traditionally have a lower upfront cost, but once you factor in how much money is spent in its entire lifecycle, it’s clear than architectural roofing shingles are the wiser financial option.

Resale Value

Architectural shingles can dramatically improve the durability of your roofing structure and the curb appeal of your home. This can positively affect the value of your property, as many house-hunters prefer the architectural shingles over the average 3-tab shingle.

We enthusiastically recommend architectural laminated shingles. Contact Mountain West Roofing today to see how architectural laminated shingles can improve your property