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Why Soprema

If you have a flat or low-sloped roof, your home may benefit from torch-on roofing, as flat or low-sloped roofs are prone to moisture buildup and leaks. For flat roofs, you need a roofing material that is extremely resistant to water and moisture. SOPREMA crafts roofing materials that are weather-resistant, lightweight, and durable. SOPREMA’s proven modified bitumen materials act as a great roofing solution for those who are looking for a roof that will stand the test of time.

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What Are SOPREMA Products Made Of?

SOPREMA specializes in membrane roofs that are composed of SBS modified bitumen. SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) is used to increase the flexibility and elastic recovery of the asphalt. The modified bitumen is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester matting to increase its durability and strength, while reducing long-term aging. Modified-bitumen roofing systems are commonly installed by a torch method.

Outstanding Durability

Torch-On roofing systems that are composed of SOPREMA’s SBS-modified bitumen typically last 20-25 years when they are installed correctly and are consistently maintained.

Complete Waterproofing

SOPREMA’s roofing membrane products are completely sealed off, which makes them waterproof. Leaks are a major concern when choosing a roofing material, and SOPREMA’s roofing membranes are designed to keep the interior of your home dry.

Hassle-Free Repairs and Modifications

SOPREMA roofs typically take repairs and modifications easily. A modification such as the installation of a skylight, for instance, is relatively simple. Dealing with repairs and modifications can be a frustrating experience with more traditional roofing systems, but that isn’t the case with SOPREMA products.